To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?A very important question


As a naturopath I often get asked about vaccinations in infants. Parents want to know whether they should or shouldn’t and are often confused, as there is so much information to filter through.
There are 5 choices available to parents:

  1. To vaccinate according to the Australian standard vaccination schedule The current vaccination schedule can be found on the medicare website: (
  2. To delay vaccinating and then fully vaccinate
  3. To selectively vaccinate
  4. To delay vaccinating then selectively vaccinate
  5. Not to vaccinate at all

It is important for each couple to investigate this for themselves as they are the ones that are in charge of their child’s health. It is also very important for parents to be in full agreement with each other once a decision is made.

Questions to ask yourselves as parents whilst investigating this area are:

  1. What are the risks and complications of the disease
  2. What is the likelihood of my child coming in to contact with this disease?
  3. What is the likelihood of my child contracting this disease if not vaccinated? And if vaccinated?
  4. Would I like my child to contract this disease to confer natural immunity? If not, can I minimise my child’s risk of contacting the disease?
  5. What are the risks and complications of the vaccines?
  6. What is the likelihood of these complications occurring?
  7. Does my child have any risk factors for an adverse reaction to the vaccine?
  8. Can I minimise my child’s risk factors for adverse reactions to the vaccine?
  9. Can I live comfortably with my decision if I don’t vaccinate my child? Or if I do vaccinate my child?

One rule applies: It is very important not to vaccinate a sick child! You must wait until they are well before any vaccination occurs.

I can provide parents with unbiased advice for and against vaccinations. I am also able to help strengthen your child’s immune system whatever your choice is. This is beneficial whether the child is vaccinated or not. If you choose to vaccinate, then I can help prepare your child for the vaccination with various nutrients and herbs, and also help with any after effects of the vaccination. Many of my patients are concerned however still want to vaccinate their child, so naturopathic treatment is of great benefit to them.

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