I have been often sought out as an expert in my areas of speciality. Below you will find a selection of magazine articles in which I have been quoted.


In this article “Better health at every age” I was asked to comment on different health issues that are common at various ages: the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s


Nature and Health magazine – Annual Healthy Living Guide 2011







This was an article about tips for green living and I am featured in tip number 8. Additionally, Think Eco (see links page) is featured in tip numbers 7 and  11


Nature and Health Magazine

December-January 2011






I was featured in the expert Q+A section discussing preconception care


Nature and Health Magazine

October-November 2011

(Please note the contact details mentioned at the bottom of this article are for my previous clinic. I am no longer practicing there.)





Many of my patients have digestive issues and this article called for an expert on IBS. It also gave me the opportunity to talk about my own struggle with condition, around eight years ago, which I believe this gives me a unique insight into what my patients are going through.

WellBeing magazine

Issue 134 (2011)