Bone broth – naturopath style!

Bone Broth! I am so surprised I dont actually have a blog post on this yet. (well I do now – LOL)!
It is full of amazing minerals and glutamine (which is an amino acid which is very healing for the gut). In fact several studies have shown it to reduce leaky gut and heal ulcerative colitis as well as other gut disorders.

1) source some organic bones for your slow cooker.
I usually buy either an organic chicken and have roast chicken for dinner. Then put the rest in the slow cooker. Or an easy option would be organic/free range lamb shanks. They are not as fiddly as a chicken carcass. Organic or grass fed is important as animals store lots of toxins and heavy metals in their bones, and you dont want to be slow cooking those.
2) Put 2-3 shanks in the slow cooker (or a whole chicken). Cover with plenty of water. (Filtered if you can).
3) Add a lemon (quartered) or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You need the acidity to help get the minerals out of the bones.
4) Then add whatever flavors you like:
– celery, carrots, zucchini, herbs, garlic.
Leave in the slow cooker as long as possible. If you can, 24 hours but a minimum of 12.

If you dont have a slow cooker, then you can put it on a low setting on the stove, but you will have to regularly top up with water, and cant leave it on over night.

When it is done, it will look like this:

You can strain everything off so it is a pure broth, or keep everything in there – apart from the bones.
I often will have some for lunch but keep it cooking all day. I just top up with the water I take out.
You can have it as a soup or broth (You will need to add salt), or just as a drink, but also use it as a stock for risotto.

I love it as it is true food as medicine.

How else do you eat/drink bone broth?

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