Iridology reports

Iridology reports

For people who are interested in iridology, I offer a separate service where I take a photo of your iris and write an in-depth report on your health. Each report is 6 sections, and a minimum of 20 pages (most are much longer) and includes the ideal type of diet and lifestyle you should follow to have a healthy life, and future health concerns that you can take steps to prevent right now! These iridology reports are a fantastic investment in your future health.

It involves two separate 30 min appointments.($125 each appointment, $250 total investment)

The first is to take a photo of your iris, and the second is to go through the information in the report.


Brief reports

I also offer a briefer report for those who just want information on their iris constitution (one of the 6 sections of the report). This is $125 and involves one 30minute appointment to take the photo. The report is then posted to you.


Terms and conditions for all photos taken: I am happy to email you a copy of your iris photos (and in the full report you get a print out of your irises) however the photos remain property of Alchemy for the body and soul to be used in marketing promotions, student learning situations, or any other means deemed necessary by me. All images are used anonymously.

More Terms and Conditions can be found here.