Dietary advice

During the consultation I ask lots of questions about what you eat. Food choices are very important. Everything we eat becomes part of our body, so it is important for me to assess how you fuel and replenish your body via your diet.

Having said that, I am not the type of naturopath that insists that all my patients become vegetarian, or eat only raw food, or go off sugar. Life is there to be lived and enjoyed and food is a huge part of that. I love chocolate just as much as the next girl! Unless you are allergic to a particular food, my aim is to always have my patients eating a range of foods incorporating all food groups. Problems usually start when we rely heavily on one or two food groups. The human body craves variety and I can help to strengthen your body so you can have that piece of tiramisu you want.

Please explore my blog where I have written many articles on food and the best way to enjoy it, including some yummy, healthy recipes.