I love helping people feel awesome! That is the mantra I practice by.

A naturopathic consultation involves an in-depth look at your current health, diet and lifestyle, past medical history, and family history.

I always provide dietary advice, as well as suggestions for lifestyle changes. These suggestions are realistic and practical. I understand that life is to be lived, and that restricting one’s diet too heavily is not sustainable long term. I work with my patients to make small changes that make a big difference to their health and wellbeing.

Remedies usually involve herbal treatment, nutritional supplements, and sometimes homeopathic remedies.

Every patient receives an iridology analysis in the second appointment. Iridology is the study of colours and patterns in the iris, which helps me form a picture of how your body works on a genetic level. I also conduct in depth iridology assessments for people wanting to know more, which involves photographing the eyes and a comprehensive written report.


About the naturopathic consultation

Appointment lengths:

  • The initial consultation is 90 minutes long.
  • Follow-up consultations are 30 minutes.
  • My special iridology consultations involves 2 appointments.

I am a mobile practitioner. So I will travel out to you for the first appointment. All subsequent (follow-up) appointments are via video call.


Consultation Fee Concession
Initial consultation (90 minutes) $210.00 $175.00
Follow-up consultation (30 minutes) $80.00 $70.00
Iridology appointment  $250  split over 2, 30 min appointments

I will send you an invoice prior to the appointment (once it is booked). Appointment is not secured until payment is received. Payment must be received 48 hours before scheduled appointment.


I only recommend products that are absolutely essential for healing and keep each consultation as inexpensive as possible.

As I dont have a specific clinic location, that also means I dont have a dispensary so you are free to purchase the products for your healing wherever you like. I can help you locate them online, or I can set up patient ordering so you can get an entire prescription sent directly to you.


What to have at your first appointment:

  1. Any recent test results
  2. Any medications you are taking regularly, including nutritional and herbal supplements. This is so I can see what you are on, what dose you are taking, and in what form the nutrients are. I can then work with what you already have so there are no double ups. Don’t be afraid to have a shopping bag full of stuff – many of my patients do!

Here are the Terms and Conditions of my naturopathic appointments


In the very rare event that you are not happy with my services, I encourage you to contact me and talk to me about what your thoughts are. However if you wanted to complain about myself as a naturopath, or any other naturopath, then you can also contact the Health Complaints Commissioner. Please find more information on their website: