How to reduce your environmental impact in the kitchen

With the Carbon Tax being introduced recently I have been thinking about how to reduce my carbon emissions. I dont fancy sitting at home in the dark, but I have ensured that all of my globes are environmentally friendly. I turn things off at the power point when not in use.

What can you do in the kitchen though?

During the Second World War, electricity and gas were rationed so that most could be used in the factories.  It was up to the housewife to think of ways to save fuel to do her bit for the war effort.

Below is an extract from the book “Make Do and Mend: keeping family and home afloat on war rations”  I thought it was quite interesting, and there are come practical things that we can think about when cooking.

Golden Rules for Gas Cookers

Never light your oven to cook a single dish.  With a little planning you can easily prepare an entire meal while the oven is hot, as well as a pudding or tart that can be eaten cold the next day.  Turn the oven off as soon as the food is cooked, as it will keep hot in the oven for some time.   When the meal is out of the warm oven, put a pot of water inside to heat up while the oven is cooling.  You can do a whole day of dishes at the one time with this warm pot of water.

More than half of the gas used in a home is used on the large ring (on the stove).  By using the small ring instead there is a saving of over one fuel unit in ten.  Keep the lids on saucepans to contain the heat.  It takes 15% less gas to bring food to the boil in a covered pan, so the extra care is worthwhile don’t you think?


What do you do to reduce your impact on the environment? Please share your suggestions below, so we can all learn from each other.

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