Delicious Bircher Muesli Recipe

Modern society has a focus on eating lots of wheat, which I believe is one reason why we have so many food intolerances and digestive issues as a population. I have a rule for myself and my patients that everything should be in moderation, in most cases. So with the case of wheat, eat it once a day at the most. However, many people dont do this, and in fact eat wheat many times per day: Toast or cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner. It is pretty easy to over indulge.

Below is a recipe for Bircher Muesli, which is an easy way to have a wheat free breakfast. Dont mistake this for gluten free, as oats do contain gluten, however it is a delicious and healthy start to the day. It can be a great “hot weather alternative” to porridge too.

Jackie’s Bircher Muesli

This recipe can be tailored to your tastes. Choose any fruit, nuts, and milk you like to make it your own.

1 cup of oats
1 cup of fruit of your choice (eg. strawberries, blueberries, grapes, peaches, mango, or a combination)
1 grated apple (wash it well but leave the skin on)
1 cup of milk of your choice (eg. dairy, soy, almond, oat)
1 cup of natural yoghurt (I choose full fat as it is often lower in salt and sugar, and has good fat soluble vitamins)
1/3 cup orange or apple juice
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup of nuts or seeds of your choice (eg. slivered almonds, pipitas, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds or a combination)

Combine all ingredients (apart from the nuts/seeds) and refrigerate over night. Stir in the nuts/seeds when serving.
It will keep for 2-3 days
Serves 2

I would love to hear about any variations that you make to the recipe. Please leave them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Delicious Bircher Muesli Recipe

  1. I have had great feedback from this recipe. One of my patients said she substituted half the milk for some water, and it worked out very nicely.

  2. This recipe is wonderful. My whole family loves it from my husband to my 3 children. If I dont add nuts, they take it to school too. Thank you!

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