Toddlers and Children Immunity Program

I’m sure you will agree that when you have a small child, and that child is sick, everyone suffers – not just the child involved. Sleep deprivation plus grizzles and grumbles, often from the little person who often cant articulate what is wrong – it can be very unpleasant for everyone.

If your little one is at childcare, or kinder, then they will also seem to catch everything going around. A certain amount of this is healthy and ok (3 or 4 colds in a season builds and strengthens their immune system) however when they are sick more often than they are well, this is a problem and something can be done.

How would you like to be armed with some knowledge to face each cold and flu season with confidence? Three visits with Jackie the naturopath is all it will take to give you this power.

First, the health of your family will be assessed thoroughly so that areas of strength and improvement can be revealed.

Second, an iris analyses of yourself and your child will give Jackie information about how your child’s body works on a genetic level.

This gives Jackie the information she needs to give you a personalised plan for you and your family on what areas of your body and your lives you need to look after the most and how to do it.

As a parting gift, you will also receive an ebook on Home remedies for Immunity – which has everything you need to know about preventing viruses from taking hold, but also what to do if one catches your family off guard. At the moment, this ebook is only available via an appointment with Jackie.

For more information on this program – please see the Special offers section of this website.

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