Toddlers and Children Immunity Program


I’m sure you will agree that when you have a small child, and that child is sick, everyone suffers – not just the child involved. Sleep deprivation plus grizzles and grumbles, often from the little person who often cant articulate what is wrong – it can be very unpleasant for everyone.

If your little one is at childcare, or kinder, then they will also seem to catch everything going around. A certain amount of this is healthy and ok (3 or 4 colds in a season builds and strengthens their immune system) however when they are sick more often than they are well, this is a problem and something can be done.

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Butter vs Margarine

margarine v butter

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked as a naturopath, whether it is in my clinic, or a weekend BBQ, when the inevitable question “what do you do?” gets asked. This most often gets followed up by “what is better: butter or margarine?”

It seems on the surface that butter and margarine both have some good points and bad points, however I hope that I convince you in favour of butter by the end of this article.

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A balanced diet is always the best

Fruit and Vegetables

Earlier in the year I read a blog post that got me thinking. It was about a woman who was a former vegan and had reverted back to eating a balanced diet containing animal products including meat – and how great she felt.

As a naturopath I am constantly hearing about the latest dietary fad. I have seen a few in my time

  • High protein high fat
  • High protein low fat
  • Low fat
  • No sugar
  • No gluten
  • High fat
  • Israeli Army diet
  • Fruit only diet
  • Grapes only diet
  • Raw food only
  • Vegan
  • Raw vegan

The latest one seems to be paleo 😉

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The best advice I received when I was pregnant ~ part 1

The importance of naturopathic care in pregnancy

Those of us who have had the privilege of being pregnant and having a new born baby, know that it is open house for advice on EVERYTHING pregnancy and child related. Most of it I listened to. I took on board what resonated with me, and what I didn’t like, I discarded (politely!). Of everything that I heard, read, and saw, there were two gems of info that stuck with me. It was something my husband said when we finally had our beautiful son, and something my sister shared on Facebook when I was pregnant. (And I do realise the irony of giving advice through this blog post, even though I have just said that EVERYONE loves to give unsolicited advice!)

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